Male chest, Man Boobs, Moobs, Gynaecomastia, Lax skin, Axillary fat (secondary man boob) Pseudogynaecomastia DR JA VLOK MBChB MPraxMed DOH&M Vaser Liposuction Specialist

These are all terms we use to describe an abnormal protruding unnatural looking male chest that often leans towards a feminine shape. One or both breasts may be affected.

The condition is benign but disturbing in that it can cause intense psychological distress and body dysmorphia with most of our patients feeling extremely self conscious about the appearance of their chest. Sufferers are often too shy to seek help and struggle on for years on end.


They will under no circumstances remove their shirt when there is chance of anyone seeing their bared chest.


This phenomenon can be devastating to men of all ages and it is rather satisfying to know that after all there is a solution to the problem of man boobs. 

Surgical treatment of man boobs

Surgical treatment by vaser liposuction is appropriate after loosing excess weight and ruling out any disease or medical condition contributing to the man boobs.


The treatment consists of removing the fatty deposits through keyhole surgery, under local anaesthetic, followed by resection of resistant pockets of fat and or glandular tissue through the skin of the areola(nipple). Occasionally there is some residual loose, lax skin. This can be tightened with radiofrequency energy   without the need for skin excision and visible scarring to the skin of the chest. Recovery is quick and mild exercise can be resumed after 2 weeks followed by full activity after one month.

The causes of ‘Man boobs”

Most cases are idiopathic (no known cause) and occasionally hormonal abnormalities can be a contributory factor. Obesity can aggravate the chest prominence and hormones in the environment as well as excessive alcohol consumption are also blamed. 

Information to help understand the

condition of man boobs



This is very common through puberty caused by a temporary relative imbalance between male and female hormones fluctuating naturally in a young man’s body.  There is often family history of gynaecomastia and the condition is often self limiting and will resolve over time.

Gynaecomastia is a benign condition and consists of proliferation of glands, ducts and stromal elements and often settles completely over a few years. There are drugs that are proven effective in treating the condition however we do not have sufficient research on the risks pertaining to these drugs to prescribe it universally to our patients. Gynaecomastia is also more common in older men.


Man boobs (Also called pseudogynaecomastia) 

The condition is caused by unwanted pockets of fat spread out in the male chest.

It can be divided into three areas. Identification of these areas is rather important to plan an effective treatment to guarantee patient satisfaction. The areas consist of 1.The section behind the nipple 2.The section below the axilla(armpit) and 3.The fat located immediately to the  front of the arm pit.

If present it is important to treat all three areas or the result might be suboptimal.

We often find resistent fat and glandular tissue in the nipple region. This is removed via a small incision to the skin of the areola(nipple) Our work is scarless essentially part and parcel of a satisfactory aesthetic outcome.



Recovery is quick. Limited exercise activities can be resumed after two weeks, full activity after a month.

A dedicated compression garment should worn for a month after the procedure.

At least three sessions of MLD massage is advised to contribute to -and ensure the best possible healing and end result.

Detail will be discussed at your consultation with Dr Vlok.