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“I shied away from surgery even though I hated my prominent ears. And then, finally I did it. But I’m so glad I finally took the plunge… I look so normal and get compliments all the time.”

Quinn Davis

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“Thank you for the excellent care that you gave me during pre-op and post-op. The whole experience, down to the tough recovery I had anticipated, turned out to be smooth and easy thanks to the incredible staff at Liposuction International at the Nottingham Road clinic. Highly recommended.”

Sandy Williams

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“I hated my mole my entire life. A friend of mine had his removed at Liposuction International at the Nottingham Road clinic and I couldn’t believe how amazing he looked afterwards, so I decided to get the surgery myself. The best part is that I still look like me, but I don't look as if I am growing a horn on my forehead”

Casey Johnson

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